top 10 dishes to eat in mumbai west at night time

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Mumbai, the city that never sleeps, requires continuous feeding. Even though many restaurants in Mumbai that stay open until 1:30 a.m., there is still a high demand for snacks, meals, and desserts throughout the night. The majority of these night stalls and carts appear late in the evenings and remain open until the early hours of the morning, seven days a week. They cater to the city's thousands of night crawlers; locals and visitors who are out late after work, partying, or simply looking to satisfy a craving.

Vada Pav

Vada Pav, an iconic Mumbai dish if there ever was one, is built around just two main ingredients: the vada and the pav, with the chutney and masala playing supporting roles.

Bombay Sandwich

What could be more Mumbai than this? The Bombay sandwich is a Dagwood-worthy snack that combines potatoes, cucumbers, tomatoes, beetroot, onions, capsicum, chutney, and cheese between two lushly buttered slices of white bread.

Pao Bhaji

According to Aakar Patel, the Pao Bhaji was ostensibly invented by canny street stall owners in the 19th century to satiate the late-night hunger pangs of Gujarati traders in Dalal street who traded cotton with America and Europe. Nothing says Mumbai like this delectable dish of mashed vegetables in a tomato gravy swimming in a pool of butter, all mopped up with buttered bread.

Bun Maska

There's something special about Maska Pao, particularly Brun Maska. The crusty brunt bread with a soft, pillowy belly is a Mumbai specialty and the go-to order at any Irani café.


The Bombil (Bombay duck) is one of Mumbai's most popular fish, swimming in the waters near the city. It is a Parsi favorite, and Britannia serves a delicious version of it. It is mostly served in its crisp, batter-fried form at Gomantak or Malvani restaurants. 

Bhelpuri and Dahi Sev Puri

Chaat has many variations, but only two appear to have originated in Mumbai. The first is Bhelpuri, a delicious pish pash made with sev, puris, sweet, tangy, and spicy chutneys, onions, raw mango, and a few other ingredients.

Kheema Ghotala

Kheema Ghotala, a flavorful mess of mince and eggs, is another Irani cafe find with an evocative name. The Parsis and Iranis have discovered a delicious way to combine their undying love for eggs and meat.

Chinese Bhel

Mumbai is known for absorbing various cultural influences from around the world and incorporating them into her culinary fabric. The Chinese Bhel grew in popularity as a result of inventive street vendors selling 'Chinese noodles.' It is a jumble of cabbage, onions, fried noodles, and a variety of spices.

Gobi or Chicken Manchurian

Without a doubt, Chicken Manchurian (or Gobi Manchurian for vegetarians) is a Mumbai invention, unheard of in China.


A cheap, tasty, and nutritious fast-food snack available in veg, paneer, cheese, and Schezwan varieties in addition to the popular chicken and mutton varieties.



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